sustain credits

the human damage to nature is huge. together, we can solve it.

about sustain credits

we believe in a sustainable future where everyone lives in harmony with nature.

sustain credits is a reward system, a fully backed open source digital "currency" (not blockchain) that rewards anyone ("earth doctor") for their efforts improving nature.join us. it doesn't cost you anything. in fact you'll get paid for it. or choose to donate it.sustain credits is an initiative of MAS for Good.

earth doctor:
collect sustain credits

join us. become an earth is easy to be an earth doctor. you can clear up environmentally harmful waste (e.g. plastics) from nature, or you can plant trees to capture carbon.we are open to all lawful activities that improve nature.sustain credits will be issued in relation to the work done, which can then be used in the sustain credits ecosystem, exchanged for money or donated.send photos or videos of your work, along with the location, to collect your sustain credits.joining is simple. use the form below, message us on WhatsApp +44 7723 258579, or via social media @sustaincredits.

earth sponsor:
buy sustain credits

responsible individuals, organisations and businesses going all out to reach and exceed sustainability goals can "buy" sustain credits and become an earth sponsor.these purchases directly fund the activities of our tribe that heal our an earth sponsor you get access to our library of media for your product marketing become an earth protector and support the work of our earth doctors, please get in touch or contribute directly.